100 Word Story – A Steaming Heap

Here is another 100 Word Story about Raoul. This one might need some context. Simon is the name of the host of the 100 Word Story Podcast, and back in the day if you did not record your own stories for the weekly challenge then he would do it as his sex slave midget. Around the time this story was written he had spelled my name wrong on his site for my submissions and I believed that he had not replied to my emails to have it corrected.

“What is that?”  The cloaked figure said.

“What?” Raoul looked up at his brother on the ashen horse.

“The steaming heap,” The figure raised a thin arm and pointed behind Raoul.

Innocently Raoul looked over his shoulder at the unidentifiable mass a short distance behind him.  He turned back to his brother and shrugged.

“I do not have the time for this.”  He checked the list in his hand.  “So what did this Simon do?”

“Not returning emails, misspelling names.”

“And what is that thing?”  Raoul turned again.

“That?” Raoul smiled.  “Is a former sex slave midget, dancing with joy.”