Story – The Shadow Forged

This weeks story belongs to my shadow series. The two trilogies that I had planned were about Jayden and his mother Shalli. The first trilogies, which was podcasted was about Shalli, the Second which I planned but have only written the first one was about Jayden. Jayden is a little different, and this story explain why that happened.


One thought on “Story – The Shadow Forged

  1. I listened to your Shadow Hunter podcast series way back in the early 2000s. I’m excited to learn what happened to the characters after the end of that trilogy! I hope you elaborate more on Landra’s reaction to her son’s fate since she always worried about her son becoming a Hunter.

    Do you plan on continuing this series? If so, will you podcast it?

    1. Hello Kristin,
      Thanks for you comment and coming back. I have a follow up series that I have been working on. It follows Shalli’s son, it was actually where the idea of the series started. I wasn’t planning on podcasting it, but you never know.

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