100 Word Story – Toothache

Hello All, so this is a re-posting of the story links. Where possible I am going to set the dates back to when they were originally posted.

This story comes from from a challenge I use to to do back when I podcasted for the 100 Word Story Podcast. This was 100 word story challenge, the challenge was not to write a story around 100 words, but a story that was exactly 100 words. For most of the stories I wrote about a character a friend and I developed in collage, Raoul the 5th horse man of the apocalypse who was kicked out before they became famous.

I blinked, my heart still pounding in my chest but, I was regaining my thoughts.  The smell started off faint but quickly grew.  You know the saying “having the crap scared out of you”?  Well, I don’t know who he was or how he did it, but here I am lay in an alley with the crap scared out of me.

I stood and looked around; at least no one else was here to see this.  I took a step and before I knew it my hand was on my check.

“Oh great, and now I have a toothache too.”

By Terrence D. McLean


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