100 Word Story – The Staff Of Life

Hello All, so this is a re-posting of the story links. Where possible I am going to set the dates back to when they were originally posted.

This story comes from from a challenge I use to to do back when I podcasted for the 100 Word Story Podcast. This was 100 word story challenge, the challenge was not to write a story around 100 words, but a story that was exactly 100 words. For most of the stories I wrote about a character a friend and I developed in collage, Raoul the 5th horse man of the apocalypse who was kicked out before they became famous.

I bet you don’t know this but I have been written out of the book.  That’s right me, Raoul have been written out.  I bet you’re wondering why?

Well, back in the day, I was the only one that had one and I knew how to use it.  I had that little lady hanging off my finger.  One day, after our encounter, I gave her a snack.  Well that little tramp took one bite and ran off to share it with him.  This upset the guy upstairs and after throwing them out, he gave every man the staff of life.

by Terrence D. McLean


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