100 Word Story – Fecal Matter

Hello All, so this is a re-posting of the story links. Where possible I am going to set the dates back to when they were originally posted.

This story comes from from a challenge I use to to do back when I podcasted for the 100 Word Story Podcast. This was 100 word story challenge, the challenge was not to write a story around 100 words, but a story that was exactly 100 words. For most of the stories I wrote about a character a friend and I developed in collage, Raoul the 5th horse man of the apocalypse who was kicked out before they became famous.

Raoul walked down the street from one pool of light, shining down from a streetlight, to the next.  His hood was pulled up and he looked down at the ground as he passed the occasional person on the street.  He turned down a dark alley and stopped quickly when a large man appeared pointing a gun at him.

“Hand over your wallet.” The man ordered, shoving the gun towards him.

Slowly, Raoul raised his hands and removed the hood from his head. The man took one look at him, dropped his gun and filling his pants with sh…… fecal matter.

by Terrence D. McLean


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